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Individual Growth and Development Indicators
for Infants and Toddlers

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Online Training

As described in our Certification Steps section, certification is a three-step process. The first two steps can be completed completely online:

  1. In lieu of attending a workshop, you may instead review the descriptions and select Powerpoint presentations available on this website for each IGDI measure you want to use.
  2. For the Early Communication Indicator, your scores can be checked automatically if you have a training account on the data system.If you do not get 85% reliability, we will identify where you need improvement, recommend ways to improve your score, and you will repeat the scoring with the same video(s) until you reach at least 85% agreement.
    • If your program does not already have an account, Contact us for a free account. Otherwise, talk to your program director about setting up a training account for you.

At this point the third step in the certification process must be completed by either having a certified assessor observe your administration of the IGDI, or by videotaping the administration and giving it to a certified assessor for review.