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Individual Growth and Development Indicators for Infants and Toddlers
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EPSI Certification Videos
(These videos are viewed best with the Windows Media Player.)

Part of the process in becoming a certified EPSI assessor is to code the following two EPSI assessments. Your coding must agree with at least 85% of the master coding for these videos. Before attempting to code the assessments, please become familiar with the EPSI Coding Definitions.

When you are ready to code the videos and check it against the master coding, send your scored sheet to Susan Higgins or Dr. Jay Buzhardt to check your agreement. Keep in mind that it may take a few tries before you reach 85%.

The last step in becoming certified is to send us an administration video that follows at least 13/16 of the administration steps listed on the administration checklist.

After one person is certified in your program, that person can then certify others. To maintain certification, we recommend all certified assessors maintain 85% reliability with another certified assessor annually.

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