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Individual Growth and Development Indicators
for Infants and Toddlers

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Certification Steps


Staff who administer and score IGDIs must meet standards indicating that they have received the appropriate training, practiced the procedures, and passed two video calibration exercises. Meeting these standards means that a staff member has knowledge of IGDI administration procedures and has shown the ability to record and code asssessments with a high level of agreement with master codings of video-taped assessments. Thus, children's scores recorded by trained staff can be expected to compare favorably to those recorded by other staff similarly trained and qualified.

Certification Steps...

  1. Complete the Initial Training Workshop (optional if you do not have a certified individual on staff)
    Workshpops are provided by Juniper Gardens staff and/or a certified designated IGDI Coordinator at your site. Information about each IGDI, including Administration checklists, Scoring guidelines and PowerPoint presentations may be found here.
    If there are no onsite certified IGDI coordinators, other arrangements can be made in lieu of attending a workshop at Juniper Gardens . Contact us to discuss these possibilities.

  2. Score two certification videos, achieving at least 85% reliability with our master coding of those videos
    After you feel comfortable with the scoring guidelines of the IGDI(s) in which you would like to be certified, score the two certification videos for those IGDIs. (Remember to use the appropriate observation form.) If there is not a certified assessor onsite, send your scored videos to Susan Higgins or Dr. Jay Buzhardt to have your reliability checked. If you use the online data system, your scores can be checked automatically. Contact us about setting up an account. If you do not get 85% reliability, we will identify where you need improvement, recommend ways to improve your scoring, and you will repeat the scoring with the same video(s) until you reach at least 85% agreement.

  3. IGDI is administered, and at least 81% of administration steps are completed
    Based on the appropriate administration checklist, a certified assessor should verify that you complete at least 81% of the administration steps. If there is not a certified assessor onsite, videotape an administration and send it to Susan Higgins or Dr. Jay Buzhardt to be checked. If you complete less than 81% of the administration steps, review the areas needing improvement and conduct additional administrations until you reach 81%.

After Certification...

  • Account created for you to enter scores into the website
    After certification, you are ready to conduct assessments on your children. To facilitate progress monitoring and decision making about children who may need intervention, we recommend entering your scores into our Child Data System. Contact us to setup a free password-protected account for your program that will enable you and your staff to enter IGDI assessment data and information into the Child Data System. The data system provides comprehensive and automatically-updated reports that you can generate at anytime.