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Individual Growth and Development Indicators
for Infants and Toddlers

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What services are provided by this web site?

Answer: This web site is designed to support the implementation and use of IGDI's in early childhood programs serving children 0 to 3 years of age. In support of this goal, a number of services are provided including:

  • online data entry
  • online progress reports for individual children, programs, and projects
  • how-to information for administering and interpreting IGDI's
  • IGDI recording forms and observer agreement forms
  • descriptive and technical information on IGDI's, and
  • materials for training others to use IGDI's including powerpoint presentation

Who can use this web site?

Answer: The full web site is designed to support registered IGDI users. Informational sections of the site are available to all non-registered users. The Child Performance Data System tools are protected and available only to registered users.

How do I sign up?

Answer: Contact Drs. Dale Walker ( or Jay Buzhardt ( for training and registration information.

How can I contribute data and obtain the Child Performance Data System services of this web site?

Answer: Data entry, management, and reporting services may be obtained by contacting Drs. Dale Walker ( or Jay Buzhardt ( and requesting these services be established. For this service, a one-time charge of $1 per child will be assessed and the appropriate privileges provided for access to these services.

Not all links in the site are active, how come?

The Child Data System can only be accessed by registered users who have a valid ID and Password for use in its login page.

Inactive links in the web site are for planned and under construction new features.